A unique hidden camera game show in which the contestant becomes the star of their very own TV show Watch as one person is secretly filmed throughout the weirdest 24 hours of their life, and see if their reactions to the most bizarre situations and coincidences help them win a dream prize.

Make My Day - Netflix

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2002-01-04

Make My Day - Go Ahead Punk... Make My Day - Netflix

Go Ahead Punk... Make My Day is a 1996 compilation album released on the Nitro Records label. The title is a reference to the Dirty Harry quote “Go ahead, make my day”. Only five bands appear on this compilation, with each band represented twice.

Make My Day - Track listing - Netflix

“God's Kingdom” – Guttermouth – 2:29 “Marry Me” – The Vandals – 2:17 “He Who Laughs Last” – AFI – 1:51 “Tearing Down The World” – Jughead's Revenge – 1:55 “Hey Joe” – The Offspring – 2:38 “Let The Bad Times Roll” – The Vandals – 1:49 “People's Pal” – Jughead's Revenge – 2:21 “Derek” – Guttermouth – 2:10 “Wake Up Call” – AFI – 1:43 “Beheaded” – The Offspring – 2:52

Make My Day - References - Netflix