Legend tells of the Lost Dutchman's gold mine hidden somewhere within the 160,000 acres of brutal Arizona desert known as the "Superstition Mountains." The promise of a \$200 million mother lode has lured thousands of treasure hunters and continues to claim the lives of those eager to decipher the legend's clues and riddles.

Hunting for the Lost Dutchman is typically a one-man journey, but lifelong Dutch Hunter Wayne Tuttle is breaking with tradition and partnering with a team of experts to follow a newly revealed clue that could finally solve the 500-year-old mystery of America's most famous and deadliest buried treasure.

With cursed mountains said to drive men mad and a hidden fortune of gold worth killing for, the treasure hunter's greatest danger may be the man at his side. Trust at your own peril if you dare to tread into HISTORY's Legend of the Superstition Mountains.

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Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-02-08

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The Peralta massacre was the alleged killing of a Mexican family by Apaches in about 1848. It is generally featured as an element of the legend of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine. There are many variations to the story, but it generally includes these details: During the 1840s, the Peralta family of northern Mexico supposedly developed rich gold mine(s) in the Superstition Mountains. In 1848, during a routine expedition to carry gold back to Mexico, the large party was ambushed by Apaches, and all were killed except for a few Peralta family members who escaped. According to the legend, the Apaches buried and hid the gold and covered up the mine. However, according to historian Robert Blair, the Peralta massacre never occurred; see the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine for a more detailed explanation. The author T.E. Glover in his book, The Lost Dutchman Mine of Jacob Waltz, wrote of a U.S. Cavalry trooper named William Edwards who was present for the discovery of the deceased remains. The Cavalry leaders assumed that these were bodies from an Indian battle between fighting tribes. But trooper Edwards noticed that at least one of the skulls had a gold filing, common to Mexican (Spanish) aristocracy. He returned at a later date, and found even more human remains further up the canyon. It is reported that he, and then later his son, spent much of their lives searching for the lost mine. The Peralta massacre is depicted in a flashback in the 1949 film Lust for Gold, starring Glenn Ford and Ida Lupino.

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