Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath gives a voice to victims of the Church of Scientology despite public attempts to discredit them. Leah Remini, along with high level former Scientology executives and Church members, explores individual accounts from ex-Church members and their families through meetings and interviews with Leah. Each episode features stories from former members whose lives have been affected by the Church's harmful practices, even well after they left the organization. Along with a team of former high-ranking Scientology insiders who understand the inner workings and policies of the organization, Leah gives the victims a chance to be heard.

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-11-29

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath - Mace-Kingsley Ranch School - Netflix

Mace-Kingsley Ranch School (later called The Ranch School, Inc., and the New Mexico Ranch School) was a Church of Scientology affiliated ranch school for children aged 8 to 17 set in a rural environment. The School opened in 1987 and was initially based in Palmdale, California before moving to a property in the Gila Wilderness, New Mexico. It was eventually closed in 2002 and its certificate of incorporation was revoked. The schools curriculum focused heavily on the teachings of Scientology. Students were subjected to pseudo-scientific processes such as the Purification Rundown and daily auditing. A large portion of each day was dedicated to cleaning and general manual labor. The school received criticism over the years for the treatment of students under its care. Students have reported cases of being underfed as well as being beaten, whipped and publicly humiliated as forms of punishment.

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath - Rolling Stone Magazine - Netflix

Rolling Stone magazine investigated the school before its closure. The article by Janet Reitman, “Inside Scientology”, was critical of the school's practices. Reitman noted, “The school enforced a rigid Scientology focus that many former students now say served as both a mechanism of control and a form of religious indoctrination.” This Rolling Stone article was selected for inclusion in The Best American Magazine Writing 2007, published by Columbia University Press.

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