Nicolas has lots of energy and loves to play with his friends. The boys are quite imaginative and have lots of great ideas, for no apparent reason the adults do not appreciate their efforts. Time after time our heroes fall into trouble because of those misunderstandings.

The series is based on books by René Goscinny and illustrated by Jean-Jacques Sempé.

Le Petit Nicolas - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: French

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 13 minutes

Premier: 2009-09-13

Le Petit Nicolas - Nive Nielsen - Netflix

Nive Nielsen is a singer-songwriter and an actress. An Inuk from Nuuk, Greenland, as a singer-songwriter she plays with her band The Deer Children, often using a little red guitar-ukulele, which kickstarted her music career. The first concert she ever played was for Queen Margrethe II of Denmark on a national television broadcast at DR. She acted in the Hollywood movie The New World starring Colin Farrell in 2005 and was the lead female in the AMC supernatural thriller series, The Terror.

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