Talk show hosted by Mel & Sue.

Late Lunch - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1998-02-25

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The plate lunch is a quintessentially Hawaiian meal, roughly analogous to Southern U.S. meat-and-threes. However, the pan-Asian influence on Hawaiian cuisine, and its roots in the Japanese bento, make the plate lunch unique to Hawaii. Standard plate lunches consist of two scoops of white rice, macaroni salad, and an entrée. A plate lunch with more than one entrée is often called a mixed plate.

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Overwhelmingly popular plate lunch entrées reflect Asian influence. Of Japanese origin is chicken katsu, fried boneless chicken breaded with Japanese bread crumbs, and beef teriyaki (often shortened to “teri beef”). A common side-dish with plate lunches is fried noodles, often either chow mein, chow fun or saimin noodles. Entrées of Hawaiian origin include kalua pork (also called “kalua pig”) and lau lau (pork or other meat or fish wrapped in a taro leaf). Some side dishes are lomi salmon (also called “lomi-lomi salmon”) and haupia (a coconut dessert). Korean entrées include kalbi and meat jun. Some side dishes are taegu, a dish made of shredded codfish, and namul, a dish made of seasoned soybean sprouts. Other Asian ethnic contributions include the Okinawan shoyu pork (Okinawan: rafute), the Chinese-influenced Char siu Pork, and Filipino Chicken Adobo and Longanisa. From Western Europe come dishes with Linguiça, a traditional Portuguese sausage. A notably American element is the hamburger steak, a ground beef patty smothered with brown gravy served atop rice. Adding a sunny side up egg makes it a Loco Moco. Plate lunches

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