A dog barking through the night and snapping at children as they walk past on their way to school in the morning. It speaks the vicious language of a truly unloved animal…

But who's to blame – the pooch or the owner?

Last Chance Dogs tackles the thorny problems of dogs behaving so badly they are on death row. It's the classic case of nature vs. nurture but do the animals and their owners have what it takes to turn it around before it's too late?

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2012-04-19

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This is a list of famous dogs.

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Jade, a German Shepherd from Birmingham, England, who saved an abandoned baby. He was walking in a park with his owner when he ran off and lay down, not moving until his master approached, next to an abandoned baby in a bag in the woods. Jade's owner called an ambulance, which took the baby to the hospital, and the baby was saved. La China, a free-ranging dog who heard the cries of a newborn infant that had been exposed by her mother in a field near a shanty town outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina. La China found the baby and, without leaving any bite marks on her, brought her back to the relative shelter and warmth of a corner where she was keeping and nursing her litter of puppies. In so doing, La China had brought the baby close enough to people to be heard and saved. Mkombozi, a stray dog from the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, saved the life of an abandoned baby. On 9 May 2005, Mkombozi while scavenging for food along a road, found an abandoned baby in a package. She dragged it across a road, pulled it through a fence, into a village, to a shed where she was nursing newborn puppies. In doing so, she had brought the baby close enough for its cries to be heard by a woman and her children, who saved the baby. The baby was given the name “Angel” and adopted. The dog was named “Mkombozi”, which is Swahili for “savior”, and taken in by the local SPCA. Pui, a 2-year-old Thai Bangkaew Dog in Thailand, saved the life of an abandoned baby. The male dog found a plastic bag near roadside dump in Tha Rua district of Ayutthaya province, containing a newborn baby girl inside and carried the infant back home unscathed and unhurt.

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