Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 43 minutes

Premier: 1994-04-04

Las aguas mansas - Pasión de Gavilanes - Netflix

Pasión de Gavilanes (International Title:Hidden Passion) is a Colombian telenovela that ran for 188 episodes, from 2003 to 2004. Written by Julio Jiménez, it was produced by RTI Colombia in conjunction with the Telemundo network and with the participation of Caracol TV company. In Colombia, it was broadcast by Caracol TV. It is based on the 1994 telenovela Las aguas mansas, also written by Jiménez and produced by RTI.

Las aguas mansas - Plot - Netflix

Juan Reyes (Mario Cimarro) is the eldest sibling. He is a tall, strong man with shoulder length brown hair. He is extremely protective of his siblings, especially Libia. He is usually quiet and calm, but when provoked he can be very impulsive and violent. He is deeply hurt by his sister's death since he loved her very much. He is ready to avenge Libia's death, by tricking Bernando's daughters as he had done with Libia. When he meets Norma Elizondo (Danna García), he is amazed by her beauty and feels a connection to her. She has long light brown hair and an exquisite face. She was forced to marry Fernando Escandón (Juan Pablo Shuk), a rather insensitive and cruel man, to escape family shame. She was raped by three intruders years ago and is so shaken by it, she cannot let any man touch her, including her husband. But when she meets Juan, all those fears go away and she falls in love with him. After many obstacles, they later marry and have a baby boy, Juan David, who has Norma's pale skin and Juan's large eyes. Oscar Reyes (Alfonso Baptista) is the second oldest. He is handsome, well-built, and has a beautiful smile. He can be arrogant, rude and very greedy at times. Still, he has a good heart and can be kind, sweet, and incredibly clever. Sometimes he schemes to get money, like for example he makes his younger brother go on dates with older, rich woman to make money. Jimena Elizondo (Paola Rey) is a beautiful model who wants to live life to the fullest and immediately takes a liking to the Reyes brothers. She truly does fall in love with Oscar, even though she denies it sometimes. She is overjoyed when Óscar asks her to marry him. At first he is mostly interested in her money, but has to admit that there is something special about her. As time passes, he discovers that he loves far more than he expected to. Their love grows and so does their endless passion. They share romantic moments together. He learns that love is much more important than money and that he wouldn't care if she was rich or poor as long as she was at his side. Franco Reyes (Michel Brown) is the youngest male sibling. He has blond hair, blue eyes, and an innocent-looking face. He is easily manipulated, so people often take advantage of his kindness. He is very calm and more relaxed than his brothers. He is in love with Rosario Montes (Zharick León), a bar dancer who humiliates him often. When she marries the greedy bar owner, he is crushed. Out of spite, he marries an old, rich woman who had been obsessed with him. She dies on their wedding day leaving all her money to Franco. Sara “Sarita” Elizondo (Natasha Klauss) is serious, uptight, and dedicated to managing her family's hacienda. Although she is beautiful, she would rather be with the horses than with men. She falls in love with Franco after many incidents between them, though at first she pretends she hates him. She later comes out of her shell and learns that she can not control who she falls in love with. Libia Reyes (Ana Lucía Domínguez) is a beautiful 17-year-old girl and the youngest of the Reyes siblings. She is quiet, sweet, rather innocent, and loves her brothers very much, despite their overprotective manners. She doesn't go out much, and it's suggested that she never had a boyfriend before, because of her brothers' protectiveness. When she meets Bernando Elizondo, she falls in love with him despite their age difference. Bernando lies to her, telling her that he is single and lives with his sister and three nieces, but he also falls in love with her. The Reyes brothers find out about them and they are all furious that she didn't tell them. However, when they learn that Libia is pregnant, they sanction a marriage between their sister and Bernando. Unfortunately, Bernando dies in an accident, leaving Libia devastated and angry because of his lies. Encouraged by a nosy store owner and her sons, she goes to the Elizondo mansion to talk to Bernando's widow, Gabriela Elizondo (played by veteran actress Kristina Lilley), who humiliates her by calling her a slut and a gold digger in front of everybody. Crying hysterically, she leaves the mansion. Libia then proceeds to kill herself by jumping off a bridge and falling in a lake. When her brothers find out, they are devastated and swear on their sister's tomb that they'll avenge her death. Later on the Reyes brothers meet Ruth Uribe (Ana Lucía Domínguez), a rich girl who looks exactly like Libia. The Reyes brothers are amazed by their resemblance and consider her their adoptive little sister. Ruth represents the symbol the Reyes brothers can still hold to Libia. It is later revealed that Ruth is the Reyes' cousin, explaining Libia and Ruth's resemblance.

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