This intriguing and thought-provoking new documentary series travels to Thailand to explore the world of male-to-female transgender persons.

Ladyboys - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-05-14

Ladyboys - Gender identities in Thailand - Netflix

In Thailand, as elsewhere, one can find several different gender roles, identities and diverse visual markers of masculinity and femininity. The demand for positive self-identity is growing in Thailand and support is growing. Most of the identities oddly use English terms that are overloaded (reassigned meanings).

Ladyboys - Tom identity - Netflix

A “tom” (ทอม), from the English word tomboy, is a female who dresses, acts, and possibly speaks in a masculine fashion. She may not identify as a lesbian, but she may be perceived as one by others. Toms wear short hair, a deviation from traditional Thai culture which prizes long hair as a sign of feminine beauty. Women usually wear skirts in Thailand, and in many government offices skirts are compulsory and pants suits banned. Toms dress in men's clothing—slacks, sandals, and loose fitting button-down shirts. According to Ara Wilson, a tom will use male speech terms, especially the old, now-crude pronouns “goo” (Thai: กู) and “mueng” (Thai: เม็ง / มึง).

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