This series follows a group of modern lads as they are put through a month of 1950s national service. This series was the predecessor to the series 'Bad Lads Army'.

Lads Army - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2002-06-03

Lads Army - Gunfire (drink) - Netflix

Gunfire (or gun-fire) is a British cocktail made of black tea and rum. It has its origins in the British Army and is also used as a name for early morning tea in the army.

Lads Army - British Army - Netflix

It is unknown when gunfire was concocted, but it is known that it was mixed by British Army soldiers during the 1890s. Gunfire is served by officers and non-commissioned officers to lower ranks before a morning attack (as a form of Dutch courage) and as a celebration before a Passing out parade. It is also traditionally served to soldiers in their beds by their officers on Christmas Day at reveille if they are deployed over Christmas. Individual regiments may carry out the ritual on other days: for example, in the Royal Tank Regiment gunfire is served on Cambrai Day; in the Queen's Royal Hussars on Balaclava Day and Saint Patrick's Day; and in the Regimental traditions gunfire made with whiskey on St Patrick's Day. During the Korean War, members of the American Military Police Corps were given gunfire by British soldiers under the guise of it being normal tea after a recovery mission. This led to intoxication of the MPs who then drove an armoured recovery vehicle and some army jeeps into a camp gate as a result.

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