Twenty years later June 1797. Twenty years have passed and many things have changed at Rivombrosa and in Europe. Napoleon's Army has swept into Italy and Piedmont, with its promise of freedom, equality and brotherhood. But, as often happens, military occupation also delivers poverty, insecurity and oppression. At Rivombrosa and the surrounding villages, a legend is born, a group of masked outlaws wages guerrilla warfare against the French, hurting the occupiers in manpower and treasure. Nobles and farmers alike whisper the name of the their leader in fear. Though summer casts its golden hues on Rivombrosa, the prevailing mood couldn't be darker. And into this chiaroscuro our story begins...

La Figlia di Elisa - Ritorno a Rivombrosa - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Italian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 100 minutes

Premier: 2007-11-04

La Figlia di Elisa - Ritorno a Rivombrosa - Canale 5 - Netflix

Canale 5 [kaˈnaːle ˈtʃiŋkwe] (in English Channel Five) is an Italian private television network of Mediaset. Canale 5 was the first private television network to have a national coverage in Italy in 1980. Canale 5 is the most watched private channel in Italy because Canale 5 is a classic generalist channel, which means that it is aimed at the mass family audience. The distinguishing characteristics of the channel are programmes based on completeness and variety, able to reach, through all kinds of programmes, from entertainment to drama and news. The logo of Canale 5 was originally formed by the number five beside a long biscione (a snake, the ancient symbol of Milan) spitting a flower. In the 1980s the reptile was replaced by a bigger number leaving only a stylized head on the top with the flower; a 2018 logo redesign incorporated this into the 5 itself. On 4 December 2012, Mediaset launched Canale 5 HD, a simulcast of Canale 5 in high-definition. Since January 2013, Canale 5 has been directed by Giancarlo Scheri.

La Figlia di Elisa - Ritorno a Rivombrosa - Canale 5 Plus - Netflix

Canale 5 Plus is Canale 5's interactive television service on Digital Terrestrial Television. The service provides access to interactive news, weather forecasts, program guides and games in Mhp standard. In 2006 on Cnale 5 Plus, during the summer there was an application that allowed the view of old successful Mediaset flagship programs such as Odiens, La sai l'ultima? and Il pranzo è servito.

La Figlia di Elisa - Ritorno a Rivombrosa - References - Netflix