Six-part web series that presents an alternate take on the origins of Judge Dredd's arch-nemesis - a demonic creature known as Judge Death that sees life itself as a crime. Can Dredd survive a clash with such foe and save his niece?

Judge Dredd: Superfiend - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 5 minutes

Premier: 2014-10-27

Judge Dredd: Superfiend - Adi Shankar - Netflix

Adi Shankar (born Aditya Shankar; January 8, 1985) is an Indian-American film producer, YouTube personality, and occasional actor, who is best known for Dredd, and his “Bootleg Universe” of unauthorized pop culture satire films which include The Punisher: Dirty Laundry, Venom: Truth in Journalism, and Power/Rangers. He is also known for being the youngest producer to have a number one film at the North American box office with The Grey. In 2014, Shankar ranked number 20 on GQ magazine's list of “Most Influential Global Indian Men." He and Spencer Silna run the production company 1984 Private Defense Contractors. In 2015, upon signing a three-picture deal with Disney's Maker Studios, Shankar was proclaimed the “Quentin Tarantino of the digital generation” by Maker executives.

Judge Dredd: Superfiend - Early life - Netflix

Aditya Shankar was born in Kolkata, India to a banking executive and an educator. His family spent his formative years relocating between Chennai, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Rhode Island, and Singapore. Shankar studied communications, business, and theater at Northwestern University and graduated in June 2007.

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