Step inside the van and get whisked away by H. Jon Benjamin and his investigative news team in Comedy Central's new half-hour scripted series, "Jon Benjamin Has a Van," as they journey to the heart of America, the streets of New York, foreign lands, even the depths of space, delivering reports in an innovative style unique to the show. Emmy(R)-nominated Benjamin ("Archer," "Bob's Burgers") takes viewers on the ride of their lives in this inventive, irreverent fake news magazine/narrative show that will air Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m.

Jon Benjamin Has a Van - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2011-06-14

Jon Benjamin Has a Van - Jon Glaser - Netflix

Jonathan Daniel “Jon” Glaser (born June 20, 1968) is an American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and director. He is best known for his work as a writer and sketch performer for many years on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, creating and starring in the Adult Swim series Delocated and Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter as well as the truTV series Jon Glaser Loves Gear. Glaser had a recurring role as Councilman Jeremy Jamm on the NBC series Parks and Recreation and appeared as Laird on the HBO series Girls. Glaser was also a writer on the Comedy Central sketch series Inside Amy Schumer.

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Ehud Henkleman, a Shofar player often hired to play with the band every Rosh Hashanah, though he is not himself religious. He is also known to show off his various Shofar albums, which will always have obnoxious cover art and even more obnoxious Shofar-themed puns as the album titles. Awareness Del, an excited man who hits the streets of the city, trying to spread awareness about the virtues of Delaware. His themesong would play throughout the sketch: “He's Awareness Del. Making people aware. Aware of Delaware!” A-hole Ronald, an obnoxious and abusive gum-chewing jerk dressed like Ronald McDonald who goes around slapping people eating fast food not from McDonald's. He will usually slap around the McDonald's eaters as well, just because he is such a jerk. Was also once spun off into a sketch called “A-holes Throughout History”, with Glaser playing the “A-hole” character slapping people around in various periods of history: Pre-historic Caveman times, Ancient Greece, etc. Jeremy (of Jeremy & Ira), performed with Late Night writer Brian Stack (as Ira), as two bizarre men from another dimension dressed in black hoods, who would visit Conan and Andy from time-to-time, always appearing in the corner of the TV screen. They never speak, and only communicate through nodding and other gestures. One of the Slipnutz (also known as They Might be Slipnutz), a comedy group of three men (Glaser, Andy Blitz, Brian Stack) that was inconveniently booked on the same show with Slipknot, (and later with They Might Be Giants). Their routine involves the three of them slipping and sliding on nuts scattered on the floor. The Slipnutz also appeared on the program to promote their greatest hits album, which included songs like “Old West Cowboys Slipping on Nuts” and “Viking Raiders Slipping on Nuts”. Gorton's Fisherman, an obnoxious and ill-tempered version of the frozen food mascot. Each sketch would end with the Gorton's Fisherman getting angry at Conan and throwing a box of fishsticks at him before storming off. The Wrist Hulk, a man with Incredible Hulk-like powers, but only in his wrist. Segue Sam, the master of talk show segues. Conan would often turn to Sam for help when he needed the perfect segue. The Tea Copywriters, performed with Late Night writer Brian McCann as two bickering writers of tea slogans and commercial jingles in Conan's studio audience. They would usually fight with each other about who was the better slogan writer, until Conan would settle it by having the two fight each other in a steel cage battle to the death. Dave “Tiny Hands” Gordon, a seemingly average man who has difficulty trying to live a normal life because of his infant-sized hands. Jon the Stair Climber, a self-proclaimed expert at talk show stair climbing. Armed with only his stair climbing equipment and his sherpa “Lakpa”, Jon has made several attempts to brave the climb up the staircase in Conan's studio, only to fail miserably every time. Kim the Witness Protection Comedian, a stand-up comedian who specializes in celebrity impressions, but because he is in the witness protection program he has to wear a ski-mask and have his voice digitally scrambled, making all his impressions sound the same. Glaser would later bring back a variation of this character for his Adult Swim series Delocated. The Terrible Bill Clinton Puppet, Glaser provided the voice of the “Terrible Bill Clinton Puppet” perched from behind Conan's desk, usually telling really unfunny jokes and making awkward small talk with Conan. Pubes, a man who would ruin any moment by saying the word pubes, wearing an all-black outfit with the word on his shirt. Impressions on Late Night included Bill Cosby, Billy Joel, Martin Bashir, Michael McDonald (in the “Camp Michael McDonald” sketch), Bob Ross and Bob Seger.

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