Host Jeremy Brandt undertakes a variety of interesting, messy and dangerous animal jobs.

Jobs That Bite! - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-11-09

Jobs That Bite! - Lisa Brennan-Jobs - Netflix

Lisa Nicole Brennan-Jobs (née Brennan; May 17, 1978) is an American writer. She is the daughter of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Chrisann Brennan. For several years, Jobs denied paternity, which led to a legal case and various media reports in the early days of Apple; they eventually reconciled. Brennan-Jobs later worked as a journalist and magazine writer. An early Apple computer, Apple Lisa is named after Brennan-Jobs, and she has been depicted in a number of biographies and films, including the biopics Pirates of Silicon Valley, Jobs, and Steve Jobs. A fictionalized version of her is a major character in her aunt Mona Simpson's novel A Regular Guy.

Jobs That Bite! - Paternity case and reconciliation - Netflix

Jobs, however, publicly denied paternity after she was born, which led to a legal case. Even after a DNA paternity test established him as her father, he continued to deny it. The resolution of the legal case required him to provide Brennan with $385 per month and to reimburse the state for the money she had received from welfare. After Apple went public and Jobs became a millionaire, he increased the payment to $500 a month. Michael Moritz interviewed Jobs, Brennan, and a number of others for the 1982 Time Person of the Year special issue, released on January 3, 1983. In his interview, Jobs questioned the reliability of the paternity test, which had found that the “probability of paternity for Jobs, Steven... is 94.1%”. Jobs responded by arguing that “28% of the male population of the United States could be the father.” Rather than name him “Person of the Year”, as he and many others expected while giving the interviews, the issue was instead titled “Machine of the Year: The Computer Moves In.” The thematic change occurred after Moritz heard about Brennan-Jobs as well as Jobs' management style. Years later, after Jobs left Apple, he acknowledged Lisa and attempted to reconcile with her. Chrisann Brennan wrote that “he apologized many times over for his behavior” to her and Lisa and “said that he never took responsibility when he should have, and that he was sorry.” After reconciling with her, nine-year-old Lisa wanted to change her last name and Jobs was happy to agree to it. Jobs legally altered her birth certificate, changing her name from Lisa Brennan to Lisa Brennan-Jobs. Brennan credits the change in Jobs to the influence of Brennan-Jobs' newly found biological aunt, author Mona Simpson, who worked to repair the relationship between Brennan-Jobs and her father. According to Fortune magazine, in his will, Jobs left Lisa a multimillion-dollar inheritance.

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