Jim Rome on Showtime is a one-hour series that showcases Jim Rome's trademark style and opinions that have made him one of the most famous and outspoken sports broadcasters of his generation. Weekly episodes will feature a combination of provocative monologues and interviews, along with in-depth features and profiles of relevant and influential figures in the world of sports and entertainment.

Jim Rome on Showtime - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-11-21

Jim Rome on Showtime - Sklar Brothers - Netflix

Farrell Randal “Randy” Sklar and Jason Nathan Sklar (born January 12, 1972), professionally known as the Sklar Brothers, are American identical twin comedians and actors. They formerly hosted the show Cheap Seats on ESPN Classic, which came to an end on November 19, 2006, after four seasons.

Jim Rome on Showtime - Sklarbro Country - Netflix

Since August 2010 the Sklar Brothers have hosted a popular weekly podcast called Sklarbro Country on the Earwolf network. They have described the podcast as the intersection of sports, comedy, and indie rock, and the show has had guests ranging from Jon Hamm to Terrell Owens to Diablo Cody. Memorable episodes featured Richard Simmons, Patton Oswalt, the end of the year Character Specials, Hamm, Rich Eisen, and Adam Carolla. Sklarbro Country was nominated for best podcast in the televised 2012 Comedy Central Comedy Awards. In the summer of 2012, the Sklar Brothers added Sklarbro County to their weekly output of the podcast. Described as a shorter midweek snack of an episode, the show is co-hosted by up and coming character comedic actor Dan Van Kirk. Dan finds crazy stories of people doing stupid or silly things and Randy, Jason, and Dan and a guest all riff as if it were a writers' room. Randy has described the show this way: “If a 30-person brawl breaks out at a Chuck E. Cheese in Tampa, FL at a 5-year-old's birthday party and the fight spills over into a Burlington Coat Factory parking lot, ending in someone defecating in an ex-boyfriend's hatchback… we'll be there to make fun of it.” Sklarbro County is available weekly on Tuesdays, also on the Earwolf Network.

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