Jack Holborn is 13-year-old orphan in the 1800's that wants to get a job on a sailship to avoid foster homes. He is hired by Captain Sharingham, and they set sail. Jack was found on the steps of the Holborn catholic church in London, when he was a baby. He was wearing a leather arm band with the name "Jack" on it. The nuns therefore called him Jack Holborn.

Jack Holborn - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: German

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 1982-12-21

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Leon Garfield FRSL (14 July 1921 – 2 June 1996) was a British writer of fiction. He is best known for children's historical novels, though he also wrote for adults. He wrote more than thirty books and scripted Shakespeare: The Animated Tales for television.

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Many of Garfield's books have been adapted for film or television: Devil-in-the-Fog was televised in 1968; Smith in 1970; The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris was made into a 6-part BBC serial in 1979; Black Jack was made into a feature film by Ken Loach in the same year; John Diamond was made into a BBC television series in 1981; Jack Holborn was made into the German Christmas mini-series Jack Holborn by ZDF in 1982; The Ghost Downstairs was televised in 1982; “Mr Corbett's Ghost” was made into a television film with Paul Scofield and John Huston in 1987. In addition Garfield himself wrote the script for the 1986 television serial, The December Rose, afterwards adapting it as a novel, and for Shakespeare: The Animated Tales (1992 and 1994), a well regarded Russian animation of Shakespeare, commissioned by the Welsh Channel Four, S4C; for this he was awarded the 1995 Sam Wanamaker Award.

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