Inside West Coast Customs revolves around famed car customizer, Ryan Friedlinghaus, and his crew as they transformed ordinary, factory model vehicles into extraordinary, customized vehicles.

Inside West Coast Customs - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-02-20

Inside West Coast Customs - Bud Brutsman - Netflix

Bud W. Brutsman (born May 6, 1970) is a television show creator, executive producer, and the President of Brentwood Communications International. His best known productions include Overhaulin' and Rides for the Learning Channel (TLC), and Living with Ed for Planet Green. Brutsman was also one of the creators of King of the Cage, garnering attention on Pay-Per-View and worldwide video sales. As of 2011, Brutsman is involved in the mixed martial arts organization, Shark Fights.

Inside West Coast Customs - Professional background - Netflix

Brutsman's first project was producing a country line dancing video in conjunction with Denim and Diamonds, a country dance club in Los Angeles and Dallas. He successfully sold the distribution rights of the video to a company in California and began creating television shows. In 1997, Brutsman established an independent television production company, which he named Brentwood Communications International, Inc. (BCII). Military genre Brutsman has produced several shows focusing on the U.S. military. Some of these shows include the History of Navy SEALs, Special Operations, U.S. Customs; The Complete History of Green Berets; and Inside the Britannic. He was additionally approached by a group of Navy SEALs with a consultant company outside of the military, which resulted in producing several military training videos. His documentaries have been shown on The History Channel and Discovery Channel, and sold worldwide. In 2006, Brutsman and BCII created a U.S. Military corporate sponsorship program for a Marine platoon stationed in Iraq and their families back home. He oversaw efforts to collect exercise equipment, DVDs, magazines, and other supplies to be sent to the troops overseas, as well as organizing events and functions for the troops' families.

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