As Dr. Paul Weston continues to struggle with the aftermath of his divorce, he faces new emotional and physical challenges - including hand tremors that he fears might be the onset of Parkinson's Disease, which killed his father. Meanwhile, he takes on three challenging new patients and turns to a new therapist of his own.

In Treatment - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2008-01-28

In Treatment - The Carey Treatment - Netflix

The Carey Treatment is a 1972 film by Blake Edwards based on the novel A Case of Need credited to Jeffery Hudson, a pseudonym for Michael Crichton. Like Darling Lili and Wild Rovers before this, The Carey Treatment was heavily edited without help from Edwards by the studio into a running time of one hour and 41 minutes; these edits were later satirized in his 1981 comedy S.O.B..

In Treatment - Cast - Netflix

James Coburn as Dr. Peter Carey Jennifer O'Neill as Georgia Hightower Pat Hingle as Capt. Pearson Skye Aubrey as Nurse Angela Holder Elizabeth Allen as Evelyn Randall John Fink as Chief Surgeon Andrew Murphy Dan O'Herlihy as J.D. Randall James Hong as David Tao Alex Dreier as Dr. Joshua Randall Michael Blodgett as Roger Hudson Regis Toomey as Sanderson the Pathologist Steve Carlson as Walding Rosemary Edelman as Janet Tao Jennifer Edwards as Lydia Barrett John Hillerman as Jenkins

In Treatment - References - Netflix