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Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Running

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 2014-12-09

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This list covers English language national capital city names with their etymologies. Some of these include notes on indigenous names and their etymologies. Some of these etymologies are uncertain. The former capitals also have their etymologies listed in this article.

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Vienna: German Wien: from Celtic Vindobona (vindo “white” + bona “foundation, fort”)

Algiers: Derived from the Arabic word “الجزائر” (al-ǧazāʼir), which translates as the islands, referring to the four islands which lay off that city's coast until becoming part of the mainland in 1525; al-ǧazāʼir is itself short for the older name جزائر بني مازغان ǧazāʼir banī mazġannā, “the islands of (the tribe) Bani Mazghanna”, used by early medieval geographers such as al-Idrisi and Yaqut al-Hamawi.

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