Howie Mandel All-Star Comedy Gala is an annual comedy special, recorded at the biggest comedy event in the world, the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal.

Howie Mandel All-Star Comedy Gala - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 2017-01-16

Howie Mandel All-Star Comedy Gala - Russell Peters - Netflix

Russell Dominic Peters (born September 29, 1970) is a Canadian stand-up comedian and actor of Anglo-Indian descent. He began performing in Toronto in 1989 and won a Gemini Award in 2008. In 2013, he became the first comedian to get a Netflix stand-up special. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Howie Mandel All-Star Comedy Gala - Career - Netflix

Peters began performing in Toronto in 1989. He has since gone on to perform in several countries worldwide. In 1992, Peters met American comedian George Carlin, one of his biggest influences, who advised him to get on stage whenever and wherever possible. Peters said he “took that advice to heart, and I think that's the reason I am where I am now.” In 2007, 15 years later, he hosted one of Carlin's last shows before Carlin's death the following year. Peters credits his 2004 performance on the Canadian TV comedy show Comedy Now!, which was uploaded onto YouTube and became viral, as the turning point in his career. While the initial video upload featured his entire 45-minute performance, YouTube users subsequently uploaded segments of the performance in which Peters focused on individual cultural groups. According to Peters, those segments made their way to the “targeted” cultural groups and were well received by them. The video and its viral nature was referred to by Peters on his performance, Outsourced; when the audience cheered when he referred to earlier jokes, he exclaimed, “Look at you, you filthy downloaders!” In 2017, Peters made an appearance on Top Gear America in the third episode of Season 1 as one of the guests.

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