When high school student Sora Kashiwagi finds himself staring down a mysterious oversized package sent to him by his self-proclaimed "adventurer" father, the last thing he expects is for it to be opened from the inside... by a little mummy so small it can fit in the palm of his hand!

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Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: In Development

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: None

How to keep a mummy - Ryūsei Nakao - Netflix

Tomoharu Takeo (竹尾 智晴, Takeo Tomoharu, February 5, 1951), known by his stage name Ryūsei Nakao (中尾 隆聖, Nakao Ryūsei), is a Japanese actor, voice actor and singer from Tokyo. He is attached to 81 Produce and worked under the name of Tomoharu Minamiya (南谷 智晴, Minamiya Tomoharu). He is married and has a son and a daughter. His voice tends to land him in the roles of characters with high-pitched voices and sadistic personalities. As a voice actor, he is best known for his roles in Soreike! Anpanman (as Baikinman), Dragon Ball series (as Tambourine, Freeza, Cooler, Chilled and Frost), Touch (as Ishami Nishimura), Niko Niko Pun (as Porori), Do-Re-Mi-Fa Donuts (as Resshi), Hotch Potch Station (as Echikettojii-san), Moomin (as Sniff), Topo Gigio (as Topo Gigio), Bleach (as Mayuri Kurotsuchi), One Piece (as Caesar Clown), indigo and Beast King GoLion (as Takashi Shirogane)

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