Cash-strapped homeowners are tossed a shovel in the form of a finance manager and contractor to help them dig out of a money pit in this personal and property makeover series. There's \$10,000 up for grabs, but the homeowners must first complete a series of tough challenges designed by host and certified financial planner Suzanne Schultz and aimed at curbing bad spending habits. Based on those results, Schultz creates a budget for a much-needed home renovation, and with the help of contractor Frank di Leo, the homeowners must stay within that budget to receive the cash.

House Poor - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2009-09-28

House Poor - Wabasha County Poor House - Netflix

The Wabasha County Poor House is a historic poorhouse complex in Wabasha, Minnesota, United States, which was operated by Wabasha County from 1873 to the 1930s. The complex consists of an 1879 hospital, an 1883 residence hall, a barn, and a shed. The property was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982 for having local significance in the theme of social history. It was nominated as a well-preserved example of the county-run poorhouses established in rural Minnesota in the latter 19th century, a reminder of early governmental efforts to aid the poor and aged before the advent of modern welfare programs.

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The residence hall is a two-story, L-shaped, brick structure on a limestone foundation. The principal façade is 76 feet (23 m) long and the rear wing extends back 64 feet (20 m). Simple decoration along the cornice consists of a slightly corbelled parapet with recessed panels. A portico originally surmounted the main entrance, centrally placed on the main façade, but this was later replaced with an enclosed vestibule and a ramp. Immediately north of the residence hall is the one-story brick hospital. It sits on a 20-by-30-foot (6 by 9 m) footprint. It has brick modillions decorating the eaveline and is topped by a truncated hip roof. A wooden lean-to addition extends to the north.

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