A group of people come together to save the world by traveling into different worlds and finding battle keys.

Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2009-08-24

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This article lists the characters seen on the American/Canadian 3D CGI animated television series Hot Wheels Battle Force 5.

Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 - The Vandals - Netflix

A race of anthropomorphic tribal mutant animals from the planet Vandal, who have also occupied the Blue Sentient planet. Unlike the Sark, the Vandals are driven by aggression and value strength gained through combat above all else. While the Sark conquer worlds, the Vandals loot and vandalize them enslaving alien beings for their necessities. The position of Vandal Warlord is decided by a ritual (trial by combat) called Kio Hakoko, and even in everyday life, the slightest insult is settled through fighting. Apparently they are also very superstitious and often explain unknown things due to sources of magic. Due to their dependence on scavenged Sentient technology and their enslavement of the Kharamanos, their war machines were destroyed in Rumble in the Jungle when a bomb was detonated at their power source, thereby robbing them of their ability to ravage other worlds. Currently, with no technology the only way to access planet Vandal is with a Battle Key. Captain Kalus (voiced by Colin Murdock) - The liger-like Vandal Warlord. He uses a crossbow mounted on his right arm. He also has a wide assortment of spears, axes, and throwing projectiles. Kalus considers humans and other races inferior and while he rules over the Vandals through fear and intimidation, he does respect and value those who are loyal to his lead. He is also shown to have aquaphobia and gets seasick easily, since he very closely resembles a cat. After the final defeat of the Vandals, Kalus is last seen approaching a captured Grimian with a spear, implying he will execute him. He has shown extremely good hand-to-hand combat prowess being able to go head to head with Krytus. Krocomodo (voiced by Brian Drummond) - A crocodile-like Vandal who is Kalus' second-in-command. He once planned to overthrow Kalus and take control of the Vandals as leader, but gives up when Kalus discovered his intentions. It was later revealed that his ancestors and Stanford's started the war between the Vandals and Sentients. He is also adaptable to water environments, though not as much as Sever. When Grimian was appointed to his position as second-in-command, Krocomodo was temporarily demoted to third-in-command until Grimian's banishment and eventual execution, thus returning him to second-in-command. Sever (voiced by Colin Murdock) - A shark-like Vandal. Sever has a keen sense of smell which allows him to detect life forms from a mile away, similar to Krocomodo's. However, he isn't very bright, especially since he often thinks about food. So far, he is the only Vandal on the team who has not tried to overthrow Kalus. In the Vandal Ocean, he leads a team of shark-beings like himself called the Aqua-Jaws, and can communicate with them using high-pitched screeches similar to a whale. Hatch (voiced by Kathleen Barr) - An unspecified crustacean-like Vandal who is arguably the most intellectual of the team. It is shown that he is an expert in making crude electronics as well as poisons and chemicals, and is able to perform black magic, which he actually confuses with science and technology. His position is as a sorcerer, though most of his 'spells' are actually bits of Sark and Sentient devices he had scavenged. Hatch is capable of creating a magical aura with his antennas that makes him (and others) as he pleases invisible to insects. He is cowardly and sycophantic, and will not hesitate to grovel in the event of a new leader, though he does show more loyalty to Kalus. Iguanarox - Former leader of the Vandals, who was defeated before the events of the series by Kalus, and presumably either dead or exiled. Vandal Warriors - Kalus's soldiers (seen so far: Felines, Crocodiles, Sharks, Crustaceans)

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