A private high school by the sea... All of the senior students devote themselves only to their studies for college entrance exams from the end of the summer. One day, an unconventional teacher gets posted at this high academia-oriented school. His name is Sakurai Sakutaro. His background is a mystery. Nobody gets what he's talking about. He's pushy and bold. The students are reluctant to open up to him who sticks his nose into their private affairs. But Sakutaro keep trying to help them overcome their problems He also encourages and guides them, and they eventually develop a bond of trust. "Live in the moment which exists only now"... His message gradually gets through to his students.

Homeroom on the Beachside - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 54 minutes

Premier: 2008-07-21

Homeroom on the Beachside - West Shore Junior – Senior High School - Netflix

West Shore Junior – Senior High School, more often called West Shore, is a secondary school located at 250 Wildcat Alley in Melbourne, Florida. West Shore enrolls students from grades seven through twelve. It is part of the Brevard Public Schools System. It was the first “School of Choice” in Brevard County, Florida. In 2013, U.S. News & World Report ranked West Shore the 6th Best High School in the State of Florida. On a nationwide basis it was ranked #48 out of the 21,035 public high schools reviewed. Rick Fleming is the Principal.

Homeroom on the Beachside - Recognition - Netflix

Blue Ribbon School, U.S Department of Education, 2004-5 The school scored the highest in the county on the 2007 state writing test. The school was ranked 58 out of 21,069 in the country. Criteria were scoring high in state exams for both majority and minority students, and Advanced Placement testing including wide participation. In 2008, the school, using state criteria, was tied with one other school in the county for having a 100% graduation rate. Eighth grade students performed the highest in the county on the 2009 FCAT essay test, at 4.80 tying with one other school. Sophomores scored the highest in the county on the essay test with a 4.90. In 2010, the school had nine National Merit Scholarship semi-finalists out of 30 for the county. In 2012, the school had 11 National Merit Scholarship semi-finalists out of 33 for the county. In 2014, Newsweek ranked the school the best in Florida and 81st in the nation.

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