A complex, moving story of life in the big bad city, in this case London. The tragic, senseless, futile murder of a beautiful young woman, just embarking on her journey through life, acts as a catalyst of change for a large and diverse group of people seemingly unconnected with this terrible event. As the ripples of change expand this group of people come under increasing pressure to face the harsh realities of their existence and turn away from the cosy fantasies they thought they knew. Some discover an inner strength that inspires them to better their lives and look to the future with hope but for others the overwhelming waves of despair and despondency push them ever nearer to the edge of the abyss. Watching it all with a jaundiced eye and a practiced put down, apparently aloof and untouched by events, is Gary Rickey, born Billy Rickey in the town of the same name, a London broad shee ...

Holding On - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1997-09-08

Holding On - When All the Pieces Fit - Netflix

When All the Pieces Fit is the tenth studio release by Peter Frampton and the follow-up to his Premonition album from 1986.

Holding On - Personnel - Netflix

Peter Frampton - vocals, guitar, bass, bass synthesizer, synthesizer, sequencer, drum programming Nathan East - bass on “Holding On To You”, “My Heart Goes Out To You” and “People All Over The World” John Regan - bass on “Now and Again” Chris Lord-Alge - synthesizer on “Holding on to You” and “Now and Again” John Robinson, Steve Ferrone - drums Lenny Castro - percussion Rick Wills, Jean McClain, Mark Williamson, Alfie Silas, Danny Wilde, B.A. Robertson - backing vocals Sam Riney - tenor saxophone on “This Time Around” Technical Leo Posillico - cover painting

Holding On - References - Netflix