Hellsing Ultimate, unlike the 13-part Hellsing series, follows the manga of the same name very closely. Alucard being the main protagonist and anti-hero/vampire. Hellsing Ultimate is a 10-part series of OVAs whereby Alucard turns Sera's into a vampire. The main focus of the plot being on an enemy neo-nazi group.

Hellsing Ultimate - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2006-02-10

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Hellsing is a manga series created by Kouta Hirano about a powerful vampire named Alucard and his battle against supernatural forces in service of the Hellsing Organization. The manga has two animated adaptations—a television series by Gonzo which was produced early in the manga's original run and features a largely original screenplay by Chiaki J. Konaka; and Hellsing Ultimate, an original video animation series produced by Geneon that more closely follows the plot of the manga. The series primarily takes place in the United Kingdom, which is under attack by the undead forces of a rogue Nazi battalion which survived the end of World War II. The Hellsing Organization is a clandestine British royal order charged with defending the empire from supernatural threats. Sir Integra Hellsing serves as its leader and commands a blood pact with Alucard, Hellsing's most powerful weapon. Alucard is an ancient vampire who was pressed into service by Integra's ancestor, Abraham Van Helsing, who founded the order. Alucard is accompanied by Seras Victoria, a young vampire whom Alucard turns at the beginning of the series. Hellsing is opposed by Millennium, a remnant of the Waffen-SS which escaped to South America with its research into vampires and the occult. The war-obsessed Major leads Millennium's army of artificially created vampires in an assault on London. Between the two powers is Vatican Section XIII, the Iscariot Organization, a secret Catholic order of assassins which also specializes in combating the supernatural. Enrico Maxwell is its leader and Alexander Anderson, a paladin with accelerated healing, is its strongest asset. Many of the characters in Hellsing were based on concepts from Hirano's prior work as a freelance manga artist. The characters of Hellsing have been praised by reviewers and maintain an enduring presence in cosplay at anime conventions.

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Walter C. Dornez (ウォルター・C(クム)・ドルネーズ, Worutā C. (kumu) Dorunēzu, alt. Walter C. Dollneaz) is a member of the Hellsing Organization who also serves as the Hellsing family retainer. Walter's ability to use high-velocity monomolecular wires with incredible skill and precision earned him the nickname of the “Angel of Death.” Born around 1930, Walter lived with the Hellsing family for perhaps his entire life. It is known that Walter was educated at Balliol College, Oxford (where Arthur Hellsing and Sir Hugh Irons were educated) after World War II, and read philosophy and politics. During the events of Hellsing: The Dawn, Walter accompanied Alucard (in the body of a little girl) in the storming Millennium's base during World War II in Warsaw, Poland where they put end to the organization's first attempt at create an army of artificial vampires. However, due to his own fears of being forgotten and the Major drafting him after witnessing his abilities, Walter became an agent of Millennium within the Hellsing Organization's infrastructure in the aftermath of World War II. In modern times, having apparently arranged Integra Hellsing to unseal Alucard, Walter carries on his duties as the current Hellsing head's butler while providing special weapons for use by Alucard and Seras Victoria. Despite being in his 70s, Walter can still fight his way through hordes of undead while helping Integra make numerous difficult choices considering Alucard harming innocent humans in order to achieve mission objectives. While he appeared to accept his age with proud resignation, it was a façade to hide his fear of being useless and desire to be a true Angel of Death. Once Millennium begins its attack on London, Walter is retrieved by Millennium's Captain to be made into an artificial vampire in preparation for his fight against Alucard. Though it restored him to how he appeared in his 30s, Walter's vampirism was hastily conducted as he lacked the ability to regenerate normally like the Last Battlion and instead become younger overtime before he would eventually die. Appearing while crushing what remained of the deceased Alexander Anderson underfoot, Walter slaughtered Yumi before facing Alucard in a duel. Having regressed to his teenaged state as he revealed that he has risked everything only to prove his worth against the vampire, Walter loses his chance as he is forced to watch Alucard fall into the Major's trap and cease to be after unknowingly absorbing Schrödinger. Entering the Hindenburg II after dealing with the vengeful Heinkel Wolfe, Walter kills the Doctor before being consumed in the inferno caused by the zeppelin's explosion Walter's prototype was in Daidōjin Monogatari alongside Heinkel.

Voiced by: Motomu Kiyokawa, Daisuke Namikawa (Young Adult), Romi Park (Child) (Japanese); Ralph Lister, Liam O'Brien (Young Adult), Jessica D. Stone (Child) (English)

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