Hamilton is a high-concept, international spy-thriller, based on the iconic novels and characters by Swedish author Jan Guillou. 10 million copies of Hamilton novels have been sold throughout the Nordic territories, making it one of Scandinavia's most successful literary properties ever.\ The first season is centered on Swedish Carl Hamilton's first mission as field operator working for the Swedish military intel agency. The story evolves around a cyber conspiracy, amid the resurgence of a new cold war between East and West in the nordic region. Hamilton's values, loyalty and mental health are put to test as a false-flag operation is set into motion and events run out of control.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: Swedish

Status: In Development

Runtime: None minutes

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Philip Hamilton (January 22, 1782 – November 24, 1801) was the eldest child of Alexander Hamilton, who was the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, and of Elizabeth Schuyler.

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In 1791, at the age of nine, Hamilton was sent to attend a boarding school in Trenton, New Jersey, studying with William Frazer, an Episcopal clergyman and rector of St. Michael's Church. By 1794, his younger brother Alexander, then eight years old, joined him there. During his stay at boarding school, he frequently wrote letters to his family. His father, Alexander Hamilton, would often write him letters of encouragement. His father wrote, “Your teacher also informs me that you recited a lesson the first day you began, very much to his satisfaction, I expect every letter from him will give me a fresh proof of your progress, for I know you can do a great deal if you please.” Philip enrolled in Columbia College, where his knowledge and enthusiasm were compared to that of his father, already a renowned alumnus. Robert Troup, a family friend who had been Alexander Hamilton's college roommate, wrote that Philip “was very promising in genius and acquirements, and Hamilton formed high expectations of his future greatness!” Troup wrote privately, however, that despite Hamilton's certainty that Philip was destined for greatness, “alas Philip is a sad rake and I have serious doubts whether he would ever be an honour to his family or his country.” He graduated with honors from Columbia College in 1800, and went on to study law. His father prescribed rigorous study routines, including waking for study at 6 o'clock every day from April through September, and at 7 o'clock for the rest of the year, after which “From the time he is dressed in the morning til nine o'clock (the time for breakfast excluded) he is to read law.” The standards Alexander set aided Philip in his studies, as well as strengthened the bond between the father and son.

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