Ha die Pa! - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Dutch

Status: Ended

Runtime: 20 minutes

Premier: None

Ha die Pa! - Pa Then people - Netflix

The Pa Then (or Pá Hưng; Vietnamese: người Pà Thẻn) are an ethnic group of Vietnam. Most Pa Then live in Hà Giang and Tuyên Quang provinces, located in Vietnam's Northeast region. The Pa-Hng language belongs to the Hmong–Mien language family. In 1999, the Pa Then numbered approximately 5,500 people.

Ha die Pa! - Cosmology - Netflix

The Pa Then believe that the universe was created by the god Quơ Vo and the goddess Me Quơ O (Vu 2013:122-127). Pa Then cosmology divides the universe into four parts. The sky, where the sun, moon, stars, ancestors, God of Thunder, God of Lightning, Great Buddha, and others gods and spirits reside. The sky is ruled by the god Quơ Vo. The earth, where human beings, plants, animals, ancestors, and various ghosts and spirits (soil, forest, stone, plants, etc.) reside. The earth is ruled by the goddess Me Quơ O. The water, where there are various naiads, dragons, and gods of rivers and springs. The water is ruled by the goddess Me Quơ O. The underworld, where Me Quơ Lê and various spirits live. The underworld is ruled by the devil goddess Me Quơ Lê. Benevolent spirits include the ancestral ghosts, the Stove god, the Room god, the Door god, the Soil god, Quơ Vo, and Me Quơ O. However, these spirits can also cause disease and crop failures when upset. Malevolent spirits include ghosts of people who die sudden deaths, the Forest spirit, the Cliff spirit, and plant spirits. Each god is worshiped using different rituals (Vu 2013:122-127). The Stove god: Worshiping the Stove god takes an entire day, starting from 9 AM until 11 AM of the next day. Pigs, chicken, sticky rice, and cakes are offered. The Room god: After a child is born for 3-4 days, or if the Pa Then believe that the Room god needs to be fed, chicken, liquor, joss sticks, and joss paper are arranged in a tray and put in the bed of the mother. The priest then burns joss paper and attempts to placate the Room god. The Kitchen god: A pig head, liquor, rice, joss paper, and joss sticks are offered at the main door. The Village god: Many Pa Then villages build shrines in the forest for their gods. Families bring meat, liquor, cakes, joss sticks, and joss paper to the priests who carry out the rituals, and the food is then eaten at the shrine. Strangers and women are allowed to join in the ceremony.

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