Created by Geoff McQueen, the show revolves around the relationship between Micky Noades (Lindsay) and his brother-in-law Mo (McGann). Though Micky and Mo do not warm to each other naturally, to say the least, there is a recognition from both men that, unfortunately, they need each other. Micky is a self-styled promoter, sure of his expertise in his field but, somewhat inconveniently, lacking an act to promote. Mo is a snooker player of great ability, but not a star yet. Will the two men help each other realise their dreams, or will they simply get on each other's nerves?

Give Us a Break - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1983-09-22

Give Us a Break - Give Us a Break (Limpopo album) - Netflix

Give Us A Break was a 1995 album by Russian folk rock group Limpopo, who later became the Red Elvises.

Give Us a Break - Track listing - Netflix

When My Dear Mother Was Seeing Me Off to The Army Volga Boatmen Half-Moon Soldiers, The Brave Lads Rowanberry Tree Seni Steppe Odessa-Mama Epic Song Along the Street By the Meadow Nagaika Wooden Log Lemons Odessa-Mama Luchina Down Along the River

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