Ghost Squad was a crime drama series about an elite division of Scotland Yard that ran between 1961 and 1964. Each episode, the Ghost Squad would investigate cases that fell outside the scope of normal police work.

Ghost Squad - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1961-09-09

Ghost Squad - Ghost Squad (TV series) - Netflix

Ghost Squad, known as G.S.5 for its third series, was a crime drama series that ran between 1961 and 1964, about an elite division of Scotland Yard. In each episode the Ghost Squad would investigate cases that fell outside the scope of normal police work. Despite the show and characters being fictional, an actual division did exist within the Metropolitan Police Service at the time. Inspiration for the series was taken from a book of the same name written by John Gosling, a retired police officer and former member of the team. Although the real-life squad only operated in London, the fictionalised team travelled internationally (sometimes to small countries with fictional names); however, as was typical for the time, most foreign settings were actually a combination of stock footage and sets at Independent Artists Studio at Beaconsfield and Elstree Studios. Music was by Philip Green. The show was produced by ITC Entertainment, along with Rank Organisation TV and ATV. It was the first ITC show filmed to fit the one-hour time-slot (with two advertisement breaks), setting the trend for the majority of ITC's future output. Another common ITC trait was to feature an American actor, in this case Michael Quinn, in a leading role so as to increase the chances of international sales. In the second series Neil Hallett sometimes replaced Quinn. Quinn was replaced by Australian actor Ray Barrett in the third series. Ray Austin, stunt director for the entire series, played Billy Clay in Series 3; he went on to become a TV director in Hollywood and the UK.

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  1. An Eye for an Eye: Also features William Marlowe. 41. A Cast of Thousands: Also features Edwin Richfield and George Pravda. 42. Death of a Cop: Also features Roger Delgado and Robert Brown. 43. Party for Murder: Also features Lois Maxwell. 44. Dead Men Don't Drive: Also features Zena Marshall, Geoffrey Chater and Colin Douglas 45. Pay Up or Else: Also features Harry Towb, Felix Felton and Toni Palmer. 46. Dr. Ayre: Also features Garfield Morgan. 47. Scorpion Rock: Also features Paul Whitsun-Jones and Michael Robbins. 48. The Goldfish Bowl: Also features Gerald Sim and Talfryn Thomas. 49. Seven Sisters of Wong: Also features Reed De Rouen, Donald Morley, Shane Rimmer and Leonard Sachs.
  2. Rich Ruby Wine: Also features Geoffrey Bayldon, Harold Goldblatt and Tutte Lemkow. 51. Hideout: Also features Emrys Jones and John Boyd-Brent. 52. It Won't Be a Stylish Marriage: Also features David Garth

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