Philippe Geubels talks about typical Belgian topics such as rangers, the opening credits of Tik Tak, Rental houses in the Ardennes and the disadvantages of thongs on festivals in his brand new 8 episode long comedy show.

Geubels en de Belgen - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: Dutch

Status: Ended

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 2013-09-05

Geubels en de Belgen - In de gloria - Netflix

In de gloria (“In the glory”) was a 2000-2001 Flemish TV sketch comedy show, directed by Jan Eelen and produced by the company Woestijnvis. It was a mockumentary series which satirized reality television and human interest shows, especially the way regular people are exploited by media. The show ran on the Belgian public TV channel Canvas for two seasons of 10 episodes each. In Flanders itself the series enjoys a high popularity and much critical praise, with several sketches having gained classic status. Despite the local popularity the show has never been exported.

Geubels en de Belgen - Concept - Netflix

In de Gloria is a mockumentary in sketch show format. Every episode consists of a series of sketches that are mostly improvised around a central idea. The tone is tragicomical. Eelen based some of the spoof targets on already existing TV formats, including some shows of his own company Woestijnvis. In an interview Eelen said he was inspired by the Dutch mockumentaries of Van Kooten en De Bie and Arjan Ederveen's 30 minuten.

Geubels en de Belgen - References - Netflix