Mawaan Rizwan was brought up in a religious family but is no longer practising and feels detached from spirituality. In this two-part series Mawaan is curious to discover more about those who claim to connect with a higher power by taking traditional medicines, which contain powerful hallucinogenic drugs.

Getting High for God? - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-08-16

Getting High for God? - Getting Doug with High - Netflix

Getting Doug With High is a video and audio podcast show hosted by American stand-up comedian and actor Doug Benson.

Getting High for God? - Format - Netflix

The show is typically broadcast live on YouTube 15 minutes after the hour, which gives enough time for the guests to get ready to start smoking cannabis when it is “4:20 somewhere,” a time associated with marijuana culture. Guests are invited onto the show to be interviewed while smoking marijuana alongside Benson. Each episode features different strains of sativa and indica, and showcases a series of smoking implements of unusual design, often including pipes designed by Chameleon Glass. The show features several recurring segments: High History—The guests talk about the first time they ever smoked marijuana Pot Topics—Doug talks about news related to cannabis, with a particular focus on which states have legalized and/or decriminalized marijuana or are close to passing a legislative or ballot initiative to do so. Pot Quiz Hop Shot—Doug asks the guests a series of cannabis-related trivia questions.

  1. HeavyMonkey—Doug tries to get one of the guests to comment about the weight of a broken lighter shaped like a monkey.

Gabe Time (now canceled)—To close out the show, Doug brings out magician Gabe Dylan to perform a magic trick for the guest, who by this point is usually very high. In 2016, Benson hosted an uninterrupted four hour and twenty minute version of the show at a festival hosted by Jash in Palm Springs, California. The show has also hosted live versions of the show, with at least five guests, in front of an audience in a theater.

Getting High for God? - References - Netflix