Programme for young children exploring medical conditions, using puppets, music and humour to make going to the doctor's surgery feel like a natural and interesting experience.

Get Well Soon - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 10 minutes

Premier: 2012-10-01

Get Well Soon - Challenge Anneka - Netflix

Challenge Anneka is a British reality game show that aired on BBC1 from 8 September 1989 to 15 October 1995 and was hosted by Anneka Rice. It was announced in 2006 that the series was returning, but this time on ITV. The first of the two specials was shown on Boxing Day 2006. The second transmitted in June 2007.

Get Well Soon - ITV Revival - Netflix

Challenge Anneka returned in 2006 with a 'one-off' special on ITV, on Boxing Day and featured the team helping World Vision to rebuild a maternity clinic, a cricket pavilion and a children's play centre in Sri Lanka after the 2004 Tsunami disaster. There were plans for two more UK specials in 2007 - Rice walked on stage, along with television crew, during a McFly concert in Cambridge, and asked the band if they would record a single for charity - this formed part of the Challenge Anneka challenge recording an album to raise money for Children's Hospices around the UK, broadcast on 6 June 2007 on ITV. The album, Over the Rainbow was released on 4 June 2007. The two specials gained 3.34m (26 December 2006) and 2.8m (6 June 2007) viewers on ITV. A third special, reported in the press at the time of the revived format, was never completed, as ITV dropped their plans to revive the series in a frequent format. Following ITV abandoning their plans of a full revival, in 2009 Rice approached the BBC about a proposed revival as part of Children in Need night (where the format of Challenge Anneka had first been tested in 1987) to mark the 20th anniversary of the series. The BBC did not proceed with the proposal, citing that the series was no longer in the public consciousness.

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