Głęboka woda - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Polish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2011-06-14

Głęboka woda - Zofia Wichłacz - Netflix

Zofia Wichłacz (Polish pronunciation: [ˈzɔfja ˈvixwat͡ʂ]; born 5 April 1995) is a Polish actress. She has appeared in films such as Afterimage and Warsaw 44 and television programmes such as Medics and Głęboka woda.

Głęboka woda - Career - Netflix

She first appeared in a war film about the Warsaw Uprising in 2012. She played in a television play The Morality of Mrs. Dulska in 2013 and in a one episode of Głęboka woda the same year and Medics in 2014. She became recognisable after playing the main role in Warsaw 44 and won two very prestigious Polish awards - the Golden Lion for the best female role during 39th Gdynia Film Festival and the Eagle for the revelation of the year durning 17th Polish Film Awards. Andrzej Wajda had seen Zofia in a play and had decided to cast her in Afterimage which later turned out to be the director's last production.

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