The story begins with Athit, a driver, pretending to be his boss, Rattawee. And Wilailuck, a servant, pretending to be a high-class woman by stealing her mistress, Montira's, dresses. Athit and Wilai go on a date and fall in love at first sight not knowing that the other one is lying. When the two bosses know about this, they demand for both of the servants to tell the other the truth, but they continue to lie. When Rattawee first encounters Montira, he immediately falls for her and tells Athit to continue lying. Rattawee and Montira get to spend time together and start to fall in love too. Will both couples be able to accept each others' true identities at the end? -- Asianfuse

Fun Fueng - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Thai

Status: Ended

Runtime: 85 minutes

Premier: 2014-11-24

Fun Fueng - Kornkan Sutthikoses - Netflix

Kornkan Sutthikoses (Nickname: Arm) born 17 October 1988 is a Thai actor. He was first runner-up for the 18th KPN Award Thailand Singing Contest 2009 and won the popular vote. He graduated from Siant Dominic School and Chulalongkorn university. He took part in The mask Singer Season 1 under Bell mask.

Fun Fueng - Music - Netflix

Wai Jai Khor Rong Tabakngam Kid Tung Parn La Nue Kem Naliga Chan Mai Chai – 2004

Fun Fueng - References - Netflix