Auto theft, drug overdoses and trespassing grizzly bears are all in a days work for the Montana police serving in "America's Final Frontier" and NGC rides shotgun for the entire trip. A woman is severely injured in remote mountainous terrain, where first responders take hours to reach her. Police suspect that an Iraqi war vet needs psychiatric evaluation instead of jail time after a fight, and a man pulled over for drunken driving claims its his constitutional right to drive intoxicated.

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Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-09-06

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The 12th Cavalry (Frontier Force) is an armoured regiment of Pakistan Army. It was formed in the British Indian army in 1922 by the amalgamation of 22nd Sam Browne's Cavalry (Frontier Force) and 25th Cavalry (Frontier Force).

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The 25th Cavalry (Frontier Force) was raised by Captain Robert Fitzgerald as the 5th Punjab Irregular Cavalry at Multan in 1849, with Risaldar Gurmukh Singh Dhillon of village Bahmaniwala, Sub Division Patti of Amritsar district of Punjab, as the first native Commandant of 5th Punjab Irregular Cavalry. The troops of the Sikh Squadron were mostly taken from the disbanded Khalsa Army which was recently defeated by the British in the Anglo-Sikh War of 1848. During the Indian Mutiny they were part of the besieging army at Delhi and took part in the Relief of Lucknow. The troops of 5th Punjab Irregular Cavalry were now avenging themselves on the mutinuous Bengal Army for the defeat of the Khalsa's Sikh Army in the Anglo Sikh Wars. One squadron fought at Bareilly, where two of its Indian officers won the Order of British India and nine other ranks received the Indian Order of Merit. The regiment was involved in a number of small actions on the North West Frontier with the Punjab Frontier Force. In March 1860, 150 men under an Indian officer attacked a 3,000 strong armed force of Mahsuds and Waziris at Tank, killing 300 and dispersing the others. In January 1867, an Indian officer with 27 sowars charged a body of 1,000 tribesmen, killed 150 and captured most of the rest. During the Second Afghan War, the 5th Punjab Cavalry were present at the capture of Charasiah and Frederick Roberts the Commanding General ordered that they and the 9th Lancers should have the honour of escorting him into Kabul. During the attack on the Asmai Heights in December 1879, near Kabul, Captain William John Vousden made repeated charges with a small body of men of the 5th Punjab Cavalry, passing through the ranks of an overwhelming force again and again until the enemy fled. Vousden received a Victoria Cross and his ten surviving men the Indian Order of Merit. For the excellent record in the British reprisal of Indian Mutiny and for valour during the Second Afghan War 5th Punjab Cavalry was among the units that were honoured during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Queen Victoria's Reign at London in June and July 1897. Risaldar Major Kesar Singh Dhillon of Bahmaniwala Dhillons (son of Risaldar Gurmukh Singh Dhillon) represented the 5th Punjab Cavalry as part of Indian Native Cavalry. The same finds a mention in the London Gazette published on 14 March 1898.For the acts of valour during the Indian Mutiny and during the Second Afghan War, the troops of 5th Punjab Cavalry were awarded grants of agricultural land in Lyallpur District in 1904. Most of the Sikh troops of Kanhayia Misl shifted from Amritsar District to Lyallpur on being granted lands there. During the First World War, it served in German East Africa, followed by service in the Third Afghan War of 1919.

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