"Frog & Friends" is a animated TV series about Frog and his friends based on the work of Max Velthuijs. Frog is the hero of the show. He lives in a colorful landscape with his friends Pig, Hare, Duck and Rat. Their animated world reflects the same simple joys as Velthuijs' books. The characters deal with elementary feelings such as love, fear, sadness, insecurity, happiness and more. These themes are materialized by simple and clear stories. Frog and his friends try to understand the feelings they encounter in both good and bad times.

Frog & Friends - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Dutch

Status: Ended

Runtime: 7 minutes

Premier: None

Frog & Friends - Frog and Toad Together - Netflix

Frog and Toad Together is an American fantasy adventure children's picture book, written and illustrated by Arnold Lobel and published by Harper & Row in 1972. It is the second book in the Frog and Toad series, whose four books completed by Lobel comprise five easy-to-read short stories each. It was a Newbery Honor Book, or runner-up for the American Library Association Newbery Medal, which recognizes the year's “most distinguished contribution to American literature for children”. Frog and Toad Together was adapted as a film.

Frog & Friends - The Dream - Netflix

One day, while Toad is asleep in bed, he has a dream in which he is on stage and wearing a costume. A voice from an unseen character presents Toad as the Greatest Toad in all the world with Frog as Toad's only audience. Toad does every act great (playing the piano, walking on a high wire, and dancing) and while he does these things and asks Frog if he can do them, Frog shrinks in size and admits he could not do them. Eventually, the dream becomes a nightmare when Toad's dancing act has made Frog shrink rapidly to even be seen or heard. Worried for his friend, Toad prevents the voice from announcing his next act and tries calling out for Frog, only for the dream to end with him spinning in the dark. Toad wakes up from his dream to see Frog in his house and, when they both play together outside, is very relieved that what he experienced was only a bad dream.

Frog & Friends - References - Netflix