What happens when children outgrow their imaginary friends? They take them to Madame Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, a vast Victorian mansion with endless rooms and hundreds of thought-up playmates. At the heart of the story is Blooregard (aka Bloo), an imaginary friend created by an eight-year-old boy named Mac. Although he's usually shy, Mac feels confident when Bloo's around. Bloo, on the other hand, is bold and self-assured, and often gets himself into a mess by acting before he thinks. Follow the adventures of Mac and Bloo in a world where imaginary friends actually come to life. Nothing is ever mundane when you hang out at "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends"!

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2004-08-13

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends - Destination Imagination - Netflix

“Destination Imagination (DI) is a non-profit organization that runs a global program. The organization poses a set of project-based challenges and groups of kids from around the world choose one problem to address working in teams.” These teams spend months preparing in their home towns. The top groups come together for Destination Imagination Global Finals every year, held at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN. The organization's stated purpose is to be a leading educational nonprofit dedicated to teaching students the skills needed to succeed in school, their careers and beyond. They develop project-based learning programs that blend STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education with the arts and social entrepreneurship. Through their programs, students use the creative process to turn their ideas into reality and learn invaluable skills through the process including: Creative & Critical Thinking, Team Building, Problem Solving, Risk Taking, Project Management, Perseverance, & Self-Confidence. As a whole, Destination Imagination is a volunteer-led, educational non-profit organization that teaches 21st century skills and STEM principles to kindergarten through university level students through creative and collaborative problem solving challenges. Team members work together to develop a solution to one of 7 open-ended challenges and present their solutions at tournaments. Through the Challenge program, students learn and experience the creative process from imagination to innovation and learn skills needed to succeed in school, career and life, including teamwork, communication, project management, perseverance, creative and critical thinking, and self-confidence.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends - ViDIo Adventure - Netflix

Teams had to create a three-dimensional adventure video game themed performance that told the story of a modern-day quest. Teams had to design an build a “seeker”, which would travel through 3 nations represented as levels in the video game. At some point in each level, the team had to collect a reward that would help them solve their quests. Three elements of the team's choice were scored as “side trips”, and an improvisational element were required in the performance.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends - References - Netflix