Anne Fortier is a criminal psychologist who works with the investigators of SAS (Anti-Sociopathic Service), a fictional police division specializing in crimes involving mental illnesses. Although their crimes include a shoe thief and a pyromaniac, most of the cases given a lot of time on the series are murders, often serial killings. While solving these cases Fortier and her colleagues must wrestle with her own murky past and psychological issues.

Fortier - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: French

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2000-02-03

Fortier - Forty forty - Netflix

Forty forty, also known as Forty Forty In, 44 home, Mob Mob, Blocky 123, Ackey 123, 123 and In, 45 and In, 99 In, Pom Pom, Raleigh 123 and Pom 123 is a children's game combining elements of the games “It” and Hide and seek. One player is “on”, or “It”, and they must capture the other players by 'spying' them rather than by tagging.

Fortier - Rules - Netflix

A player is chosen as “It” and a landmark such as a tree or lampost is chosen as the base. Players who are not “It” run and hide, while “It” counts to a certain number, usually 40, 44 or 100. “It” looks for the other players, while the players try to get to base without being seen. If a player gets to base without being seen, they shout “forty forty I'm free”,, “forty forty home”, “forty forty save myself” or “forty forty in” and are then safe, waiting at base for the remainder of the game. In order to catch someone, “It” must see the person, run back, touch the base and say “forty forty I see [name]”. If the “seen” player is behind or in an object, it must be specified; e.g. “forty forty I see [name] behind that tree” while pointing at it. Players that are caught by the “It” return to base. The last person to be caught by the end of the game is “It” for the next game. Some variants make the first person caught “It” for the next game. There are variants to allow players to be freed. In some variants, a player reaching base can say “Release, one, two, three” or a similar chant to release one or all captured players. If the last player reaches the base without being spied, they can chant a variant of 'Forty-forty, one, two, three, all saved', and all the players are freed to play again.

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