Everything suddenly changed in Csillagkut. The life grows up in this tiny Budapest-agglomeration town. Everybody creates new gossips about Peter Pongracz, who give up his American welfare and career, because to establish a new hospital. Actually: in Csillagkut. He gets the old castle and converted to a hospital which costs lot of. Anybody who were here can see how the hospital beautiful. But not everybody likes Pongracz, especially the local entrepreneur and restaurant-owner Elod Varnagy. He had something else to do with the castle and the well. And he experienced that not everything can be bought by money.

For Better or Worse - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Hungarian

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2005-01-23

For Better or Worse - For Better, for Worse (1954 film) - Netflix

For Better, for Worse is a 1954 British comedy film directed by J. Lee Thompson. It was based on Arthur Watkyn's play which had run for over 500 performances in the West End starring Leslie Phillips and Geraldine McEwan. It was also known as Cocktails in the Kitchen.

For Better or Worse - Plot - Netflix

A young couple - Tony & Anne (Dirk Bogarde and Susan Stephen) decide to get married, however Tony does not have the required prospects that her father (Cecil Parker) insists on, so he sets his future son-in-law some conditions before allowing the wedding.

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