Unlike most food shows, Food to Get You Laid takes viewers away from studio kitchen sets and features real people, real relationships, real kitchens and real ingredients. Anyone can cook a meal in an industrial kitchen with the support of a full staff, but can they create a romantic meal in their own kitchen, using only the ingredients in their fridge and pantry? Expert chef Ronnie Woo guides the culinary wannabes and helps ensure that love fills their hearts and stomachs - and takes their relationship to the next level.

Food to Get You Laid - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-08-14

Food to Get You Laid - Jughead Jones - Netflix

Forsythe Pendleton “Jughead” Jones III is one of the fictional character created by Bob Montana and John L. Goldwater in Archie Comics who first appeared in the first Archie story, from Pep Comics #22 (December 1941). He is the son of John Jones II; in one of the early Archie newspaper comic strips, he himself is identified as John Jugworth Jones III (and in one strip, likely due to continuity error, as Forsythe Van Jones). He has a white sheepdog named Hot Dog and a younger sister, Forsythia “Jellybean” Jones. Jughead (sometimes shortened to Jug or Juggie) is the best friend of Archie Andrews. Jughead is a smart, sharp-tongued, laid-back, easy going and eccentric high school student. He's obsessed with eating food, and in some storylines is asexual. Most see him as being lazy. He can be identified by his long nose, half-closed eyes, “S” sweatshirt, and crown-like button beanie hat, called a whoopee cap. Jughead is portrayed by Cole Sprouse in the live action series Riverdale.

Food to Get You Laid - Afterlife with Archie - Netflix

Jughead appears in the first issue of Afterlife with Archie before being bitten by a resurrected Hot Dog, which transforms him into a zombie. He is referred to as “Patient Zero” in terms of being the first one affected. However, the eighth issue reveals that Jughead's soul is no longer in his body, and whatever is controlling his corpse isn't him.

Food to Get You Laid - References - Netflix