The extravagant and flamboyant chef travels the length and breath of England in search of a decent hangover cure.

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Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1986-05-16

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Floyd Vivino (born October 19, 1951), also known as Uncle Floyd, is an American television, film, and stage performer primarily known for his comedy/variety TV show The Uncle Floyd Show (1974–1998).

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The first band to refer to The Uncle Floyd Show in a song was the Johnny Gork Band from Flemington, New Jersey in the early 1980s, released on a 45 rpm single. Johnny and the band appeared on the show, during which Uncle Floyd said he was honored and humbled to have a band produce a record about the show. David Bowie, a fan of Vivino's television show, recorded the song “Slip Away” on his 2002 album, Heathen, as a tribute. The lyrics mention Uncle Floyd and his puppets “Oogie” and “Bones Boy.” When asked how he had learned of the show, Bowie replied “John Lennon told me about it.” He has also mentioned Iggy Pop regularly watching the show. While in Berlin in 2002 touring for his Heathen album, Bowie said "This is another new song. It's about a television hero in America from '70s that myself, and Lennon and Iggy Pop used to watch in the afternoons. Crazy guy, and we were very addled and used to love fooling around watching this guy Uncle Floyd. And his song is called “Slip Away.” The song “Work for Food” by Dramarama, on the 1994 album Hi-Fi Sci-Fi features the Uncle Floyd Show in the lyrics. Footage of Uncle Floyd as Cowboy Charlie also appears in the video for the song. The members of Dramarama were from Wayne, New Jersey and made their first television appearance on The Uncle Floyd Show. The Ramones also recognized The Uncle Floyd Show in their song “It's Not My Place (In the Nine to Five World)”, as well as in various live appearances. Also, Ramones guitarist Johnny Ramone could often be seen wearing an Uncle Floyd Show T-shirt in pictures of the band, while Joey Ramone often wore an Uncle Floyd Show button on his leather jacket.

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