The anti-social Flodder family are living in a upscale suburban neighboorhood. They don't adjust to their environment, and keep on behaving like they're living on a trailer park. And the neighboorhood doesn't like it at all.

Flodder - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Dutch

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1993-10-07

Flodder - Flodder - Netflix

Flodder is a 1986 Dutch comedy film written and directed by Dick Maas, and distributed by First Floor Features. It is the first film in the Flodder franchise and is followed by two more films and a spin-off series. The film follows an anti-social, dysfunctional family who move to an affluent, upper-class neighbourhood as part of a social experiment which results in mayhem as the Flodder family refuses to adapt. Flodder’s absurd humour and politically incorrect satire ridiculing the Dutch welfare state resulted in mixed reviews. However it still attracts a cult following and in 2007 was admitted to the Canon van de Nederlandse Film. Flodder is also a Dutch word meaning blank cartridge, a referral to the Flodders looking dangerous and being noisy, despite being rather harmless.

Flodder - Québec version - Netflix

The film was shown in Québec in Canada, where it was dubbed into joual (a working class Québec French dialect) under the title Les Lavigueur déménagent (The Lavigueurs are moving). The name Lavigueur was taken from a Montreal working-class family who had made headlines in 1986 after winning what was then the largest jackpot ever awarded in a Canadian lottery, at 6/49. The family ― except for Yve Lavigueur ― attempted to sue the filmmakers, but they could do nothing as nobody owns a particular last name, especially a popular one. Yve, on the other hand, went to the premiere, where he quickly realized that the film had nothing to do with his family, which infuriated him. Drugs clouded his judgment. He thought that a film about his family would be a good thing, when, in fact, it was done to mock them.

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