FishCenter is a live, daily, marine-themed call-in show and the flagship program of American entertainment website and currently airs on Adult Swim.

FishCenter - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 15 minutes

Premier: 2015-02-09

FishCenter - FishCenter Live - Netflix

FishCenter Live (also shortened to FishCenter or FC Live or just FCL) is an American talk show hosted by Dave Bonawits, Andrew Choe, Matt Harrigan, and Max Simonet. It premiered on the official website of Adult Swim in September 2014; it started airing on the network proper in February 2015.

FishCenter - Broadcast and reception - Netflix

FishCenter Live was originally released in September 2014 on Adult Swim's official website. The show came about when staff decided to film the tropical fish swimming around their aquarium as an idea for developing content for the website's online streaming channels. New episodes are presented on weekdays. The show was added to the network proper in February 2015, broadcast at 4 a.m. These airings are condensed versions of the live version, consisting of 11-minute highlights from each day. In the first week of its televised broadcast, the show garnered 2.6 million viewers in total. In a press release, the network ranked the program first place across all targeted demographics in its time slot during the second week of March 2015. The network observed some of these viewers as confused Twitter users, wondering if the show was a prank. After these airings, live viewership rose from 120 to 5,000. The success led to the creation of a separate live stream dedicated to the network's Toonami block. In August 2017, a premiere of a Rick and Morty episode was delayed due to an episode of FishCenter Live on the same live stream. Critical reception has been positive. Adweek's Jason Lynch called FishCenter Live “its flagship livestreaming show.” The Comedy Bureau received the series favorably with “you’ll find, while giggling the whole way through, that you do get sort of invested in the individual fish.” Decider's Kayla Cobb said “[i]t's weird, but it works.” Ranked sixth in their list of best “unknown” television series of 2015, Newsday's Verne Gay reviewed ““FC Live” is insane — as such, a perfect distillation of all that is Adult Swim.” JamBase's Andy Kahn called it “wacky.” The Guardian's Mark Lawson critiqued “Ambitiously, this is a phone-in show, although disappointingly, the fish don’t take the calls, but swim in tanks that surround the presenters.” The A.V. Club's Erik Lindvall said FishCenter “the latest weird thing” to come from the network “in a streak of really weird things”, describing it as a “wonderful, web-based world of piscine sports”. Live for Live Music's Ming Lee Newcomb described FishCenter Live as “eccentric” and “bizarre.” Ranked fourth in their list of “[t]he 26 Weirdest Adult Swim Shows Ever,” Deadspin's Sheldon Pearce commented “Adult Swim employees came up with this one, which means it’s definitely on-brand if nothing else.” In reviewing Tender Touches, Geek's Jose Rodriguez said the pilot had “more in common with Xavier: Renegade Angel or FishCenter.” Reviewing their Alvvays performance, Uproxx's Derrick Rossignol declared “every band should be on it, because at the very least, it’s one of the most bizarre live internet shows you can possibly watch.” Later, while reviewing the Post Malone episode, Rossignol followed-up with “a totally bizarre, daytime, aquatic, call-in web show that doesn’t make much sense, and that’s what makes it great.” In an interview with host Max Simonet, Sonoma Index-Tribune's David Templeton remarked “[it's] a bizarrely simple cult-hit web-and-television show.”

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