First Crossings honours New Zealand's early European explorers by telling the stories of five real and iconic expeditions that took place in the South Island of New Zealand between 1810 and 1909. Their stories are told by their modern-day contemporaries – Kevin Biggar and Jamie Fitzgerald which saw them not only follow in the footsteps of those early pioneers, but also recreate the hardest parts of their expeditions in almost complete historical detail – wearing the same clothes and footwear, using the same antiquated equipment and boats, and even eating the same food.

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Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-07-24

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The First Crossing of Devils River was the first point at which the Devils River was crossed by the San Antonio-El Paso Road. It was located 10.22 miles west of San Felipe Springs at the mouth of San Pedro Creek on the Devils River. It was 2.54 miles southeast of Painted Caves, on California Creek, a noted camp location on the road. The crossing point and the gorge leading down to it from the east are now submerged under Lake Amistad.

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Robert A. Eccleston described the crossing and the route from San Felipe Springs to the Devils River in his diary of his journey over the San Antonio-El Paso Road with some of the emigrants to California, travelling with the military expedition that pioneered the route in 1849:

There was formerly a stone stagecoach station at the crossing, mentioned by Burr G. Duval in “Journal of a Prospecting Trip to West Texas in 1879”, his diary of his journey along the San Antonio-El Paso Road in 1879.

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