The story is about a mystery involving three students and an Artifical Intelligence (AI) on the school campus that they are in. In order to find the secret of the AI they go through various trials and tests - such as finding hidden clues on campus. However, due to the fact that each student have a different motive for searching - the journey not only tests their knowledge and skills but also their friendships, family bonds and differences in interests of what is right and wrong

Finding Soul - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 15 minutes

Premier: 2016-07-11

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A comprehensive list of characters from the Soul series of fighting games produced by Namco.

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The Soul series is a weapon-based fighting game franchise developed by Namco Bandai's Project Soul division and consists of eight games: Soul Edge, Soulcalibur, Soulcalibur II, Soulcalibur III, Soulcalibur Legends, Soulcalibur IV, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny and Soulcalibur V. Set in the 16th century, the plot of the games revolve around Soul Edge, a cursed sword able to possess its wielder and devour souls. Its spirit is called Inferno, and his avatar/host is called Nightmare. Soul Calibur, a holy sword and Soul Edge's antithesis, also has a spirit called Elysium.

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