Smiles everyone, Smiles! So began this long-running (7 season) series which was one of the ABC Network's anthology/guest-cast series (along with The Love Boat) that proved wildly popular. Each week two guests came to Fantasy Island to get their wish/fantasy fulfilled. Their mysterious host, the debonair and suave white-suited Mr. Roarke, would do the sometimes impossible and grant them their wishes...but there was always some twist to the fantasy, letting the guest learn something about themselves or get something they weren't expecting. Best remembered for the presence of Herve Villechaize as the diminutive "Tattoo" and his cry of "De plane! De plane!" the show proved popular enough to go the distance and then spawn a brief revival/remake in the 1990s. A remake, Fantasy Island (1998) in the late 1990s was not as successful as its predecessor.

Fantasy Island - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1977-01-14

Fantasy Island - Fantasy Island (UK amusement park) - Netflix

Fantasy Island is a Family Amusement Park in Ingoldmells on the East Coast of England. It sits in the middle of one of the biggest spreads of Holiday Parks in the United Kingdom. Whilst entry to the Park is FREE, customers either pay per ride or purchase an unlimited ride wristband. The pay-per-ride option uses an iCard System, this option allows credit to be added to the ticket to be able to ride rides in the Park. Rides are priced depending on the ride type. Many of the smaller rides are indoors. Fantasy Island also premiered the IMAX ridefilm attraction “Fun House Express: Jimmy's Clown Chaos” in its IMAX ridefilm theatre. This attraction has since been closed, though “Fun House Express: Jimmy's Clown Chaos” has been show in IMAX ridefilm theatres around the world, including Las Vegas. The Mellors group, who acquired Fantasy Island in 2016 following the park going into administration in 2014, have confirmed the re-installation of a Fabbri Giant Booster flat ride for 2016, which previously operated at the Park from 2002 to 2003, called G-Force. G-Force left the park again at the end of 2017 to allow the park to continue with its development plans and new attractions over the coming years.

Fantasy Island - Topsey Turvey - Netflix

Topsey Turvey was a Top Spin type ride manufactured by Fabbri and was located where The Beast stands today. It opened in the park's opening year in 1995. It was purchased from Pat Evans who had toured it during the 1994 season. It was sold to travelling showman Evan Moran in 1998, and has since been exported.

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