On Fantasy Football Kickoff host Robert Flores, Matthew Berry, Tim Hasselbeck and injury analyst Stephania Bell provide fantasy football fans with the very latest injury news, matchup previews, projections and analysis.

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Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-08-18

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In sport, a utility player is one who can play several positions competently, a sort of jack of all trades. Sports in which the term is often used include football, baseball, rugby union, rugby league, water polo, and softball. The term has gained prominence in all sports due to its use in fantasy leagues, but in rugby and rugby league, it is commonly used by commentators to recognize a player's versatility.

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For a more comprehensive list, see: Category:Association football utility players In football, like other sports, the utility man is usually a player who can play myriad positions. This will commonly be defence and midfield, sometimes defence and attack. A few outfield players have also made competent substitute goalkeepers, for example Phil Jagielka, Jan Koller (originally trained as a goalkeeper before converting into a striker) and Cosmin Moți. But in the case of goalkeepers playing as outfield players, it is extremely rare. Some may be free kick and penalty specialists (Rogério Ceni, José Luis Chilavert and Jorge Campos), but they do not hold a role in the outfield. John O'Shea, a former Manchester United player, is a famous example for playing in all positions in his United career. More recently, another Manchester United player, Phil Jones, has become a utility player being used as a right back, and centre back as well as taking up both defensive and more attacking midfield roles. The former Bulgarian international and Sporting Lisbon player Ivaylo Yordanov has played in all three outfield roles. Former Scottish international and Rangers F.C. captain Lee McCulloch also played in every outfield role for the club. Former Dutch international and Feyenoord, PSV Eindhoven and Milan player Ruud Gullit played as a defender, midfielder and striker, changing his position even within a single game to accommodate the gaps caused by substitutions. Perhaps an early example (though before the term gained popular usage) was England 1966 World Cup winner Martin Peters (who famously scored in that final), who played in every position- including briefly as goalkeeper- for West Ham United.

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