Family Time chronicles the lives of the Stallworths, who have recently relocated to the suburbs. High school sweethearts Tony Stallworth, a struggling general contractor, and Lisa Stallworth, an energetic stay-at-home mom, lovingly quarrel with each other and their mischievous children, Devin and Ebony, as they make up their own rules for love, marriage, and family along the way. When they are not battling each other, they are contending with a host of family, friends, and neighbors including Tony's financially challenged best friend Donnie and Lisa's feisty sisters Rachel and Lori in the tight-knit community of Windsor Hills.

Family Time - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2012-06-18

Family Time - Agnelli family - Netflix

The Agnelli family is an Italian multi-industry business dynasty founded by Giovanni Agnelli, one of the original founders in Piedmont (in 1899) of what became the FIAT motor company. They are also primarily known for other activities in the automotive industry as the owners of Ferrari since 1969, Lancia (1969), Alfa Romeo (1986) and Chrysler (2009) through their own multinational corporation, as well as for having been the main operators of the Juventus F.C. of the Italian Serie A since 1923 and its majority owners since its conversion to a public limited company in 1967. By 2010 the family controlled Italy’s largest manufacturer, Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (FIAT), through its holding company EXOR N.V.. The family has sometimes been described in the English-speaking world as “the Kennedys of Italy” and compared in the Italian-speaking world to the historic Florentine Republic's Medici family and the House of Savoy, from the duchy of the same name, for their role in the country's contemporary history and their activity of patronage in modern art and in sports. As of 2008, the extended Agnelli family included over two hundred members.

Family Time - Margherita Agnelli de Pahlen - Netflix

Margherita Agnelli de Pahlen (1955–present) the “only daughter and sole surviving child” of Gianni Agnelli, received an estimated inheritance of $2 billion when her father, Gianni Agnelli died. In a lawsuit filed in 2007 and rejected in 2010, Margherita Agnelli asked that the “2004 inheritance agreement signed with her mother be annulled, claiming that it was based on incomplete information.” eventually filing "a lawsuit against her father’s three longtime advisors: Gabetti, Stevens and Maron and her own mother, Marella Agnelli, on May 30, 2007. The lawsuit demanded that Gabetti, Grande Stevens, and Maron provide a report on her father's estate “with information pertaining to the historic evolution of the assets” from January 24, 1993, forward." D’Antona & Partners, a Milan-based public-relations firm, provided The Wall Street Journal with news of the lawsuit before the Agnelli family was aware of it. In Turin, Italy in March 2010 Judge Brunella Rosso rejected the lawsuit filed against Margherita’s mother Marella Agnelli and advisers Franzo Grande Stevens, Franzo Grande Stevens and Gianluigi Gabetti. She had three children John, Lapo and Ginevra who inherited the largest shares of the Agnelli fortune.

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