Expedition Robinson was the Central European version of Expedition Robinson. In the spring of 2000, ORF in Austria and RTL2 in Germany decided to buy the broadcasting rights to the shows Big Brother and Expedition Robinson as they wanted to begin airing a new "reality soaps" genre. Neither show was quite as big a success as RTL2 had expected, however both were renewed for a second season (Big Brother would eventually be renewed for at least ten more). Following the first season, ORF chose to no longer broadcast Expedition Robinson leaving only RTL2 to air a second season. For an unknown reason in 2001 RTL2 decided to produce a show that was almost identical to Expedition Robinson known as Gestrandet. Gestrandet proved to be a ratings failure and after 2001, Expedition Robinson no longer aired in Austria or Germany.

The name alludes to both Robinson Crusoe and The Swiss Family Robinson, two stories featuring people marooned by shipwrecks.

Type: Reality

Languages: German

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2000-09-17

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Survivor 2018 is the fifth season of the Greek version of the popular reality show Survivor. The Game started airing on Skai TV on January 21, 2018 in Greece and in Cyprus started airing the same day on Sigma TV. It is hosted by Sakis Tanimanidis. It is also being broadcast abroad via SKAI's international stations. Twelve players and twelve celebrities have been known in Greece through their work are invited to survive on a deserted island, the exotic Dominican Republic, for 6 months, having their luggage, the necessary clothes and basic food supply. Two players, one on each tribe joined them at second week. After 9 weeks from the beginning of the game, 6 new players, three on each team, joined the tribes. In January 15, 2018 the team of Celebrities travelled from Greece to Dominican Republic and the team Warriors and Sakis Tanimanidis also travelled from Athens the next day to Dominican Republic. From Greece, Doretta Papadimitriou is hosting the sister show (spin-off show) of Survivor, named Edo Survivor and premiered the same day with Survivor at 19:00 on Skai TV and aired on weekdays at 17:00 on Skai TV. After 3 weeks this show named Survivor Panorama and kept Doretta as the host but the show aired at 17:30 on Skai TV. Also, among Doretta two players from the previous season Evridiki Valavani from Diasimoi (Celebrities) team and Konstantinos Vasalos from Machites (Warriors) team are present in the program's panel among occasional guests.

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Due to injury, Stelios didn't play in Quarter-Final and he qualified for the Semi-Finals because the number of the players must be even. In episode 65, Stelios was eliminated from the game.

The players, who were in the merge, are in the list. The 2 players (man and woman) with the most symbols after the finals, they will travel to Greece in order to meet their families.

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