Entre Nosotras (Between us) is a television program broadcast by the Adventist Channel New Time . It is a program aimed at women, sections of health, beauty, cooking, crafts, and finances are presented. It is led by Karina do Canto and Maggie Aguilar who are also producing the same. The program airs on cable TV and open TV in Argentina ,Bolivia , Chile , Ecuador and Peru.

Entre Nosotras - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: Spanish

Status: Running

Runtime: 40 minutes

Premier: None

Entre Nosotras - Gladys Rodríguez - Netflix

Gladys Rodríguez (born June 4, 1943) is a Puerto Rican actress, comedian, and television host.

Entre Nosotras - Television acting debut - Netflix

Rodríguez made her television debut when she auditioned for a role in the soap opera La Mujer de Aquella Noche ( The Woman of that night) and performed alongside Braulio Castillo. The soap opera was a success and her acting caught the attention of a Peruvian director who offered her a role in the soap opera Simplemente María-2da. Parte (Simply Mary-Part 2), filmed in Peru. Simplemente María Part 2, became an international success, in Latin America. She was inactive during the early 1970s, however in 1975 Puerto Rican television producer Tommy Muñiz offered Rodríguez to play the role of his “wife” in a situation comedy Los Garcías. The show became very popular and is the longest running series in Puerto Rican television history, considered by many to be a Puerto Rican classic. During that period she also performed the leading roles in the soap operas: Marta Llorens, with Raúl Juliá, & Juan José Camero, Fue sin Querer, (It wasn't on Purpose), with Sandro de América, Verano Rojo, with Rogelio Guerra, (Red Summer) and Viernes Social, with Arnaldo André, (Social Friday), among others. In 2006, she performed a supporting actress role in Telemundo's soap opera Dueña y Señora, starring Karla Monroig.

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